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Photography by Peter Duke


Here's a quick sample of my work. If this video is too much, you can go to Peter Duke Photography, instead (or browse below). Here are my latest Instagram Photos and my work on Flickr. World Class Photography - Fashion, Portrait, Advertising & Editorial I've been making photographs for long … More

Media Strategy by Peter Duke

Media Strategy

What medium does the message want? Messages, like water, will seek the medium best suited to its propagation. As a Media Strategist, I help enterprises find technology solutions to solve creative problems across the ever divergent landscape of today's mediums [sic]. My ability to communicate with … More

Creative Direction by Peter Duke

Creative Direction

Creative Direction starts by defining the Problem, Success Criteria and Positioning for Creative teams, resulting in Creative Briefs that disciplinary specialists can use to benchmark their ideas and executions. Problem Definition The primary task of a Creative Director is defining the problem (or … More

Case Studies

Hilary Duff photographed by Peter Duke

Hilary Duff – Social Media Strategy

American author, singer and actress, Hilary Duff wanted to take personal charge of her online presence. Hilary has a savvy understanding of social media and understands the importance of maintaining a direct relationship with her audience. Her Facebook page is fast approaching three million … More

I Am Waters Case Study

I Am Waters – Concept to Delivery

Back in the day, Elena Davis and I worked together non-stop in the hectic fashion business. She was a model, and I the photographer. Years later, Elena was stopped in an intersection in Houston, Texas by a homeless woman with a simple request; "do you have some water?" From that moment of … More

I Witness Case Study

IWitness – USC Online Holocaust Education

The Shoah Foundation, founded by Steven Spielberg, was donated to USC several years ago, and is now known as the USC Shoah Foundation Institute. The foundation has created an archive of 104,000 hours of testimony from holocaust survivors and witnesses. The digitized video is stored in a … More

Virgin Kiosk Case Study

Virgin Megastore Digital Preview System

As Web Director for Virgin Entertainment Group, I produced and directed the creation of the Virgin Megastore Digital Preview System. The system is a web-based implementation that allows customers the ability to scan 250,000 CD titles and 11,000 DVD movie trailers. The system consists of 400 touch … More

Timeplay Case Study


Timeplay came to Playground Media Group to help develop a platform and content for a video game system, designed to be deployed in movie theaters. The challenge was to come up activities that could engage an entire audience. We created and developed "Behind the Screens", and interactive game show, … More

Windows Media Video High Definition Discs Case Study

Microsoft High Definition Video Discs

Microsoft approached me at the AFI enhanced Television Workshop (now called the Digital Content Lab) and asked me to design web-enabled High Definition Video discs that would be used on Windows Media Center computers. I brought the project in-house at Playground Media Group where we developed some … More


Tetris Cup

Early in 2007 I was asked by the Wilkinson Group to help concept and develop a plan on how to turn Tetris into a spectator sport for Blue Planet Software. Our ultimate proposal was to create a "Tetris Cup" to achieve the goals below. Although this plan has not yet been executed, the Tetris Company … More


Las Vegas Springs Preserve

LVSP is a $300MM project that was a joint effort between the Las Vegas Water Authority and the Southern Nevada Water District to educate Las Vegas visitors on water conservation and sustainable living. As Creative Director of Technology, my job was to oversee problem definition, design, and … More


Safe Westside

I live on a dangerous street. Four people have been killed in recent years, three in a fifteen month period. My neighbors were up in arms and so I created a community website, Safe Westside, to focus the energy on engineering, education and enforcement solutions. Within 24 hours we had collected … More


Blog Posts

2010 Game Developers Conference

GDC 2010

The 2010 Computer Game Developers Conference in San Francisco was fun. There was a lot of noise in the hallways about social games, and the over-stated death of the single-player … More


360° Management

The future of intellectual property is 360° management. 20 years ago, I was hired as a photographer to shoot a wedding shower at Morton's restaurant in Beverly Hills. The groom, … More


Scully’s Conundrum

One of my favorite podcasts of all time is Clay Shirky's "Ontology is Overrated". This was my first experience of Shirky's keen insight and cleaver delivery. He's a funny guy and … More


The Scrabble(ulous) Problem

My wife, Sara, and I used to play a lot of Scrabble. When we moved into our current house, I noticed that we actually had three copies of the official Scrabble Dictionary. Sara's … More


You Could Be Here

Here are some extreme closeups from the xRez Yosemite shoot. You could spend hours wandering around the multi-gigapixel images. xRez has a lot more plans for these images, and … More