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Strategy is a roadmap to victory!

The things that you must know to make your creative project a total success

  Background In 1995, a talented Creative Director named Michael Von Hulsebus turned me onto an article in Communication Arts magazine by Hugh Dubberly that changed my entire approach to Design and project management. Dubberly presented a series of frameworks that he uses for managing a process that many see as some kind of voodoo […]

Post-It® Notes on a computer being used for usernames and passwords

How to Develop the Perfect Password Scheme

Dangerous Times It’s the 21st Century, and you better come up with a scheme for creating and remembering your passwords. Every few days I get an email from a long lost friend, or an acquaintance that I have not heard from in a while. The subject may just be “Subject: Re:” or “Subject: FW: enjoy“ something […]

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No foolin' around with the Custom @Vans. Open da box and @Scotchgard immediately! @lovejones why isn't this a commercial?
Katie has passed Jintana & Mario, I guess I'm next! Thanks for dessert, Jintana! @kayndaves
Trissa Jackson's Vodka & Cranberry Color Test - Ektachrome EPN - 1986
On the radio w/ David Reaboi. Image created with #SnapSpeed
I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across floors of silent seas...
Fraa Orolo of the Concent of Saunt Edhar during the rite of Apert out among the Extramuros with a Speely
Wrapping from the creepy horror video
Working on the creepy horrors YouTube Video
Measuring my life in Tervis Tumblers. (SnapSpeed Lowell)
Image created with #Snapseed
Study in Blue
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