The CMOS Sensor Squared [CR2]

I’ve been wondering, for several years, why DSLRs keep the 24×36 sensor in their “full frame” camera bodies. 24×36 was based on the 35mm film stock that was available, even though the lenses, by design, would require a 36×36 coverage. That is, you could put a 36×36 sensor in a camera body and most lenses would still work  just fine… I can’t wait to see what this turns into, but Canon might eat Hasselblad and Mamiya’s lunch.

Here’s an article from canonrumors about the the CMOS Sensor Squared [CR2].


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    Oh well, Canon seems to be putting a lot of energy in the digital video space (which isn’t square) but I still think there’s some square magic in the works…

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